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Medfastbilling is a one-stop shop for all business needs! From medical billing, invoicing, and billing to Full-service bookkeeping services. Let us help your business grow and allow you to focus on what you do best

Frustrated with Insurance Companies?

Are you tired of troubleshooting denied claims? Need help negotiating the constantly-changing healthcare world? Looking for help managing patient billing and collections? Want to reduce losses and increase your cashflow?

If this sounds like you, Medfastbilling can help. We offer full-service medical billing and believe in a top-down model for high-quality, consistent service across all aspects of the medical billing process with fast follow-through and accuracy to build a long-term, trusting relationship with our clientele.

We understand that every provider has different needs. Our priority is to accomodate each provider’s individual billing needs and help streamline your practice.

We Offer

Our Fees

We believe hiring a private medical biller should improve your cash flow and income without becoming a financial burden. We offer our services with no small startup costs with no hidden fees of any kind.

Our fee is a flat rate, based on a percent of your practice’s total monthly income, but is negotiable based on your Practice volume.

Your satisfaction is our highest priority. Our contracts are easy terms with no commitment and the availability to cancel at any time with no penalties or fees upon cancellation.


Your finance and accounting function should do more than just process transactions and produce financial reporting. It should produce insight and drive the actions that will impact your organization’s operations and profitability.
Whether you’re looking to outsource your entire finance and accounting function, augment your existing team, or transform your current approach, we can help. Our team will get to know your key goals and will personally help you implement the shared vision we create together.
We offer simplified monthly accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, tax reports and statements to provide a quick and accurate picture of your business activity. Whether you need help with one service… or a complete range of business services, Medfastbilling has you covered.

About Us

Wouldn’t it be easier if someone else dealt with your invoicing and billing?

We are a one-stop shop for all your financial and/or medical billing business needs! We provide services in multiple areas, everything from management consulting to billing/invoicing and bookkeeping services.
You went into business because you have a passion about a certain product or service that your customers value, not because you like bookkeeping.
Some businesses are simply not aware of their financial standing until they complete their income tax returns. Businesses often lack the structure, time or knowledge for adequate record keeping. Fortunately, those pitfalls can be remedied through the use of an outside bookkeeping service. We can take care of your books for you along with many more tailored services

Meet the founder

Nikki Jones has been in the world of finance and business management for over a decade and her passion is working with small businesses.
She helps businesses reach their full potential by increasing efficiency and managing cash flow. She started her company, Medfastbilling, for the same reasons that you started yours. She wanted to focus on what came naturally to her and do what made her happy.
She is an efficiency expert and loves crunching the numbers. After working in Finance with a worldwide venue management group for 13 years, she realized that she had found her calling and didn’t want to limit herself to improving one business at a time, she wanted to step up and help small business owners in her community.
Nikki’s wealth of experience, skill and commitment to making a positive difference in the world is clear. She brings a love of detail, communication skills and the organizational skills that will enable you to thrive!

-Nikki Jones

Working with small businesses gives me an extreme sense of value and gratification to provide a specialized service to target groups that would normally be excluded as a focus area to larger corporations and businesses. My commitment to supporting and promoting small businesses and non-profit organizations provide a sense of belonging and devotion to the community in which I do business.

-Nikki Jones

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We are a one stop shop for all your business needs! We provide services in multiple areas, everything from management consulting to billing/invoicing and bookkeeping services.

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